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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday night items

Team Fortress 2

  • Added the Texas Half-Pants and the Bolt Action Blitzer
  • Updated the Teufort Tooth Kicker so it can also be equipped by the Engineer
  • Updated the Scrap Pack so it can now be crafted, gift-wrapped, and traded
  • Updated the Short Circuit
    • Fixed projectiles not being cleared if they were blocked by buildings or other projectiles
    • Fixed not incrementing the "How the Pests Was Gunned" achievement for destroyed stickies
  • Fixed being able to place buildings in nobuild zones
  • Fixed Red team Pyros being able to grief teammates by attacking them with the flamethrower and then switching to team Spectator during the attack
  • Added the ability to remove Strange parts via the Restore button in the backpack
  • Added the ability to reset scores on Strange items via the Restore button in the backpack
  • Crates now display their series number in the backpack view
  • Added new "tf_hud_no_crosshair_on_scope_zoom" to the Advanced Options menu
  • Fixed using the "inspect" command to Spy-check teammates
  • Fixed the Bazaar Bargain increasing its head count while shooting at ÜberCharged enemies
  • Fixed defense buffs reducing crush and telefrag damage
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Medics to reduce the health of heal targets if the target had earned more health than their normally allowed max overheal [1]
  • The Cozy Camper’s description now correctly reflects the actual speed reduction while scoped and is now applied correctly when using the Huntsman (speed for the other rifles remains unchanged)
  • Add the object entindex to the object_deflected game event
  • 本地化檔案已更新[2]

Undocumented changes


  1.  This also applies to dispensers and payload carts (
  2.  Traditional Chinese for "Updated localization files"

Valve teaming up with Apple?

Does the lack of Team Fortress 2 updates for over two weeks have you thinking conspiracies?  Back in March we highlighted an article about a rumored Steam console (link here).  Well today Dealnews, our favorite PC/Mac game freebie site among other deals, talks about a possible Apple / Valve collaboration (link here).  Steam is a powerhouse in the gaming sales and eclipses Apple's itunes service in that department, but a team-up of the two could mean a big upheaval and lots of innovation.  Apple is developing its own television or set-top-box currently and a deal with Valve could fit right in with this.