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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our methodology.

On occasion there are inquiries about who the heck makes this little spreadsheet full of pretty colors.  To satisfy curiosity without giving up too much about us we created this post.  We are a handful of experienced TF2 players and traders.  We have many thousands of hours of in-game play as well as trading (if we could only get that time back and use it to save the world, alas).  We also rely on you to tell us if we err.

Our actual methodology is using as many different, credible sources of information that are available.  With the changes in trade chats recently our job is even harder so we try to check, and re-check prices on as close to a daily basis as is possible.  What is credible?  Actual trades we do, actual agreements on prices we witness, specific offers on items, specific asking prices for items.  These all give us a range of buying/selling and we try to reflect that market in the spreadsheet.

How do users know that we aren't manipulating prices?  We take the integrity of the spreadsheet and our reputation seriously.  We have many players who rely that we are giving them accurate pricing.  The best way to answer is that if you are concerned then check a price out yourself.  If you think we're off, tell us.  We have no pride on the line.  Sometimes the market changes and a price changes before we witness it.

Poll closed, you've voted that you are undecided!

So we could see where things were going with our poll regarding % of items vs. the old # of items.  From the start it was a horse race and didn't let up until the end.  The "# of items" choice ultimately won out by a mere 19 votes.  Because we appear to have a split we will keep the % of items and re-add the # of items column while doing all the math for you.  The only caveat is that we want to use accurate data on how many actual TF2 players there are currently - which we will attempt to get in good faith and with haste.  When we get that mystical # we will re-add the # of items back.  Fear not.

I like % ownership, it's more accurate
  140 (39%)
Go back to # of items owned, its not perfect but I like a number
  159 (44%)
I don't care.
  55 (15%)

Votes total: 354