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Friday, August 10, 2012

New update...

Team Fortress 2

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A few things to talk about today...

So first off a few items we wanted to cover on trading etiquette.

  1. When you are actively buying something from someone, be prepared to make an offer.  If you want something in particular and are offering something other than liquid (keys, metal, buds) TF2 currency you will probably have to overpay.  A seller who isn't looking for your dirty Batter's Helm isn't necessarily going to give you the full value.  Why should they?
  2. Actively selling something while only saying "offer" and "I know the price" and threatening to report lowballers (very humorous) just makes you appear silly.  If you don't know the price, for example of a low craft # item or an unusual just say you're not sure and are looking for offers.  The marketplace will price your item if you've offered it to a wide-enough audience.
  3. The spreadsheet is average values.  Anything within a range of the prices indicated is around the market price.  There is no exact price for anything.  A buyer/seller in a hurry may go above or below the range indicated.  Someone who has a popular item or lots of time may not make discounts while selling.  If people tell you we're baloney, feel confident that the majority of our prices are from actual trades.  We use actual humans as well as an automated system that records trades.
Also, here's a free PC game we found today that is played through the OnLive service.

Finally, we hear on the street that there are going to be keys given away this weekend.  Hmmmm.