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Monday, June 4, 2012

PSA: Non-craftables and rarity

We have seen some claims about rarity when it comes to some items floating around.  Dirty weapons are often not rare.  Base64 continues his TF2 data mining and you can see the actual distribution of non-craftable items on his page here.  So before you buy that dirty vita-saw for a buds, think twice.

Today's (6/4) key has been won.

Azeren was the first one to find the name of the fishbowl hat and email us.  The correct answer was "Poseidon's Partner" created in the Steam Workshop by user TauVee.  Congratulations to Azeren.  Thanks for all the responses, some of you were very close!  Good luck tomorrow!

Clue to today's key code

Go to a place where users submit their ideas for weapons, hats and miscs for Valve games.  Look for a TF2 hat submission for the character that likes fire.  The hat is a goldfish bowl and the creator's name rhymes with "Mao See".   The name of the hat is today's code.  First one to email us here with the correct hat name (and your steam id) gets today's free key.