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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A key for a Wednesday (update: won)

Email us here, put #27 as the subject, only email once and include your steam name/id #. If we get your email and it's the 27th one in our inbox, you win a free key.

Trollzor was emailer #27, included his steam name, had #27 as the subject and emailed us once. Congratulations to Trollzor and good luck to everyone for tomorrow's free key (details here).

Spreadsheet loading issues (updated)

We are aware that since around 1pm EST yesterday that the spreadsheet has been loading slowly or not at all.  There is a heavy volume of users and there appears to be a Google Docs slowdown.    Until this is fixed the sheet may not appear immediately or at all when you load the site.  In that case refresh your browser until you see "waiting for" in your status bar.  It is slower than normal and we apologize for the inconvenience.

* Update: we are working with Google to get the availability issues fixed.  In the meantime, we've embedded the raw sheet in a framed window below (was above) the usual spreadsheet as a temporary measure.  If it is blank, click on the "key" tab and then switch back to the "Master Sheet" tab and it should render.  Use Control-F to search.