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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New poll: steam trading for everyone!

The one constant in gaming is that things never stay the same.  Valve has decided to get rid of the old in-game trading system in favor of the Steam trading popup window.  Gone is the 8 item limitation and having to add someone if you want to do any trade beyond the average.  It's a plus now you don't have to add someone you're going to delete two seconds later.   It's also a shortcut if you want a steam coupon or Spiral Knights items (does anyone?) or Skyrim.

Then there's the downside.  It's painfully slow, timeouts and errors often occur, and your backpack is completely unrecognizable.  To make it worse there's the random trades which are even more annoying when you have to wait to find out someone wants to sell you a non-craftable batters helm (we believe the same dirty batters is making its way around the planet).

So vote on it and tell us your opinion.  To the right.  That is all.