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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today's key (June 17th) has been won.

Bears2323 has won today's free key.  He was the first to send us the correct code from today's Meet the free key contest.  The correct answer was "Sniper, Engineer, Scout" with or without the "Meet the" tags worked fine.  Many of you got it right and saw that the two phrases were spoken by the Sniper and Scout.  The Engineer had 210 (was 209) on the timer in the left side of the video.  Congratulations to Bears2323 for winning today's free key.  Good luck to everyone for tomorrow's (details here).

Meet the free key, June 17th edition

For today we're going to see which Meet the ____ videos you know well.  Or, more likely, which of you can go to Youtube, watch the official Valve ones quickly enough and decipher today's code.  The correct code will be which 3 Meet the ___ videos are being referenced by these clues:

  1. The words "kill everyone you meet" is spoken in which Meet the ____ video?
  2. The number "210" appears in which Meet the ____ video?
  3. The words "kind of a big deal" is spoken in which Meet the ____ video?
Send the names of the 3 classes referenced in the above clues here, along with your steam id.  First one to send the correct code wins a free key.  One answer per person this time around, no guessing and sending multiple emails.

update: winner notified