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Sunday, April 8, 2012

B.M.O.C. and Ebeneezer pricing

Something is amiss in TF2 trading land.  Suddenly sellers prices for B.M.O.C. and Ebeneezer have jumped.  While the last price for B.M.O.C. of around 6 keys was semi-stable, all of the sudden people began asking buds for them.  Our contributors witnessed several trades for higher prices, of '10 keys', 'white painted Bills hat', and '2 Ebeneezers + key+ craft hat' and we based the bid or lower range of our prices on these trades.  However, just to be sure we will take the price down until this shakes out.  When the supply of these items is taken into account, a case can be made for a price higher than 6 keys.  However, a jump from this price to buds does not happen overnight.  Sites such as TF2TP and TF2outpost have many 'pie-in-the-sky' prices and we suggest you look around before buying such items.

update:  We all agreed that taking the price down for Ebeneezer & BMOC was the right thing to do.  This manipulation was organized and we will be all over these jumps in price from this time forward.  Our new policy is that if any item (excluding newly released) has a sudden move up or down in price for anything that looks suspicious (around 50% or more) we will do close to what the real stock market does: take a breather, follow the activity but keep the same price for as long as it takes to determine if the move is real or not.

Thanks to ConfusedCactus for alerting us.

(final) update to the update: Lots of comments flowing in, and while any discussion regarding the hats and the issue here is welcome, hearsay like "I sold my BMOC for XX!" is not useful and will get you nowhere.  In fact, from the comments coming in it is clear that there is a concerted effort to push the price of these items higher.  Price comes from what real people pay in real items.  We will not put up a price until we get clear evidence of what these two hats are worth, however long that takes and we are not in a rush.