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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free party hat!

TF2 birthday tomorrow (Wednesday).  Free party hat and noisemaker when you sign into your account.

% Ownership of items vs. # Ownership of items

So thank you all for making the way over to our new home.  A lot of comments, keep them coming!

I want to address the new column "% Ownership of Items".  The reason this has been changed is that changed their sample size from around 90,000 players to 20,000 players.  They get this data directly from Valve so this is what they get.  Does this mean that suddenly there are only 20K TF2 players?  No.  It means that Valve has chosen to send less data to tf2stats.

There are more than 20,000 TF2 players so getting a specific "count" of items with the current data would be an estimate (as was the old data but at least it was 90K unique users albeit with tf2stats' tinkering).  So, keep a percentage or go with a specific # (although inaccurate)?  Comments welcome, vote to your right.