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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PC Gaming: stronger than ever

The game we all have in common here is Team Fortress 2 of course.  Most of us play it on a PC (some on a Mac or console) but the overwhelming majority use a PC be that a desktop, laptop or a notebook.  We care about video cards, processors, cooling, memory and good monitors.  The mouse and keyboard is something I wish I could use on my own Xbox, rather than the slower and less natural controller.  Here is a great article with a good chart that shows that PC gaming is not dead.  In fact it is anything but.

New Poll: tell us your favorite Badge/Pin

We were bored here at TF2 Spreadsheet HQ and wanted to come up with a new poll.  We're always curious about those little badges and pins that keep coming out steadily.  We're mainly curious which one people like the most so tell us!  There's a new one of course, the Bolgan Family Crest however it hasn't been unlocked for trading so we didn't include it.

There's the requisite snark answer too, we'll let you guess which one it is.