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Monday, October 1, 2012

State o' the TF2 market - October 1st edition

Fall has (at least for the past 2 years) brought a different wave to TF2 trading.  Back to school for many traders so trading is lighter during the week and spikes on the weekends.  Any update from Valve, however, always changes this and users will open up their backpacks or start crafting whenever there are new items.

The early-summer Pyromania event was a very busy time.  Although the items prices have come back to earth - this "Meet the" update proved popular.  Valve always mixes things up and the 'pyrovision' twist kept it interesting.

The Mann vs. Machine update from the summer has since passed and most of these items have stabilized in prices.  Gold Botkiller items continue to drift downwards but at a slower pace now and may find their bottoms soon and start to drift up - we'll watch and see.  From a gaming perspective, the new mode was a welcome addition to the TF2 brand.

Fall items from the Fall key event fell in value quickly probably due to a lot of crates being opened and there not really being a "marquee" item from the crates that everyone typically wants.  Track Terrorizer is the closest to this but it has since come back to the key to key + half range.

Halloween items will come into play soon.  Some items have been trading higher, with the Spine-Chilling Skull 2010 and Voodoo Juju being the biggest gainers.  Some of the Haunted items from 2011 have seen an uptick as well.  We will adjust these prices as we see trades coming in but keep in mind asking prices will spike and desperate buyers may skew the market up.

The winter 2011/2012 items have since seen a jump.  All-father and especially Kringle Collection have both enjoyed gains - lucky you if you have a clean version of either.  We'll follow the other holiday items as well to see if any come into play.

Also remember that our trade analysis software is running 24/7 and as the Halloween event approaches we will step up the sheet updates to more than the standard once-per-day (our human contributors unfortunately can't run all day and night).  Our giveaways will also follow suit and we will have a bunch of new freebies for our loyal audience.  Until then, keys will continue to be our go-to freebie.

Big site upgrade coming soon.  Lots going on behind the scene with relation to that - more information will come later.  Feel free to contact us with suggestions, ideas, corrections.