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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today's Scorched Key (June 28th) has been won.

Humfuzz was the winner of today's free Scorched Key.  He was the first to send us the correct 10 descrambled words plus the correct descrambled code word which was "Infernal Orchestrina".  Congratulations to Humfuzz for winning today's free Scorched Key and good luck to everyone tomorrow (new to this?  read this and this).  In short we are giving away a free Scorched Key every day until July 11th.

Also, the term "in play" means that something is happening now.  I'll use "code active" from now on to have less confusion.  More than a few of you sent me "in play" and your steam id.  I'm sure I'll get many "active" emails too!

The 10 words unscrambled were:


Free Scorched Key for 6/28...

Today's puzzle is fire-inspired.  Below are 10 fire-related words or phrases.  All letters that form each word/phrase are included but you will need to unscramble them.  You will need to solve all 10 to get today's code which is pyro-inspired and is the last word that is scrambled from the letters of the previous 10 words.  No hints!  First one to send us the correct 10 words as well as the code word made from their letters (and their steam id) wins today's free Scorched Key.  Do not send us a jpg or picture of the completed puzzle, just an email with all 10 words plus the code is enough.  Email us here. Difficulty level: medium-hard.

PSA: Steam trade no inventory fix

So you've been trying to trading those Bazookas and Balloonicorns and Scorched Keys and (&$!@)&!! no TF2 inventory comes up!  Be patient.  Hit "F5" until you see it pop up in the list.  This may take a minute or two but it does work.  Tell the friend you're trading with the fix also.  Enjoy!

Free Key Contest Update

Free-Key-Every-Day contest updated:

  1. In honor of Meet the Pyro we are extending the contest to July 11th, 2012.  
  2. We are now giving away one Scorched key every day (instead of the regular keys) which open the new Scorched Crates #46.
  3. From now on when a code is active each day it will be announced "code active" in the site message text below the main banner (the same line that reads "The Original TF2...").
  4. Each person may win only one scorched key.
  5. Same rules and guidelines otherwise found on the original post here.
  6. Good luck!