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Friday, July 13, 2012

Today's key (7/13) has been won

Gfg has won today's key.  He sent us the 49th email as stated in the previous blog post. Congratulations to Gfg for winning today's free key and good luck to everyone for tomorrow's (details here).

I clarified the rules, hopefully this isn't fudge-able:

  1. Do not email us at random times during the day when there is no code, you will be blocked and disqualified.
  2. When a code is active, do not send more than one email.  We check and anyone sending multiple emails is disqualified.
  3. When a code is active, do not send an email without your steam name/id.  No steam name/id = you will not win.

A key for your thoughts

That is, if you are emailer #49.

The final Robot Chicken Hat code has been won.

Cal Gore 2222 was today's second, and our final, Robot Chicken hat code winner.  He was the 30th person to email us when the chicken appeared.  Congratulations to Cal Gore 2222 and good luck to everyone else for our free-key-every-day contest running until July 31st.

Thanks again to my pricers as well as Jasper A, and Mpogoda for donating all those extra hat codes.  In all we gave away 16 Robot Chicken hats.  I know that many people didn't get one from Adult Swim for whatever reason so I am happy to have been able to give a few out.

Today's first (1/2) Robot Chicken Hat has been won

Rey-jected has won the today's first Robot Chicken Hat code. He was the 27th person to email us with his steam name when the chicken picture was posted. Congratulations to Rey-jected and good luck to everyone else for the final free hat code key, to be given out sometime before midnight EST. Details on the Robot Chicken hat giveaway are here and here.

We also still have a key to give away today free-key-every-day contest. Keep checking back for the "code active" signal in the message-of-the-day.