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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

June is "free-key-a-day" month

So to keep things interesting and reward some of our users with free loot, we decided to give away a bunch of keys this coming month of June.  Starting June 1st, the plan is to give away one key per day, that's 30 keys in total.  Each day of June there will be a code somewhere on the page.  It could be on the spreadsheet, the text in the page, or even in the logo.  It will be obvious but not labeled "code" so you will have to do a little looking (you didn't want us to make it that easy, did you?).  The first person to email us here with that day's code and a link to their steam id will get a free key.  Times will vary as we have a worldwide audience (although I am giving away the keys and I'm here on the east coast US so late nights/early mornings for me will not be common).

Just our way of saying thanks to all the gamers who visit us.  Also, we will have some news on a site expansion coming soon.  Exciting things are to come.