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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A day in the life of our Trade-analysis software

I thought I would share some values that our trade software output from today.  These trades are from midnight until now, around 6:00 PM EST.  This is a typical number of trades we see from a mid-week day for this 18 hour period.  Weekends often have much more volume.

The fourth column is refined metal traded, the fifth is key(s) traded.  Next to each trade I wrote in notes that help you see action taken, if any.  When I say the price matches sheet it either exactly matches or, most often, is in a range around the number on the sheet.  That is why we have a "+/-" or 2 numbers listed because of this implied range.  Again, there are no exact prices.

Actual trade prices always trump voting on prices.  Prices are what people pay, not what self-interested owners think their item is worth.

We will post more of these as we get closer and closer to the site relaunch.

New update, new items

Team Fortress 2

  • Added The Tuxxy
  • Added a new promo item[1]
  • Fixed some HUD clipping issues when using cl_hud_minmode
  • Fixed Mann vs. Machine popfiles not properly resetting on changelevel
  • Fixed seeing an error model when watching replays with missing models
  • Fixed missing materials in the control point HUD on attack/defend maps
  • Fixed a problem that would cause Halloween spell effects to appear on some items
  • Updated the Mann Co. Store
    • Cosmetic items purchased in the store moving forward can be used in crafting
    • Class starter bundles now contain a Name Tag instead of a class-specific hat

Undocumented changes

Thursday key (key won, no more emails)

We are giving away one key right now. It goes to emailer #55. Starting now, send us one email with a link to your steam profile (many names have duplicates). Do not send more than one email. If you break this rule you won't be able to win this or any other future contest. Tell your friend and maybe he/she will win. Contest details and answers to most of your questions are here.

Update: key won, no more contest emails please.

This contest's winner was "Doctor Snuggles". Congratulations to him and good luck to everyone for the next giveaway! Details are here. Some of you have asked questions that the answers to are right there in the link, including our email address. Take a moment to read it if you have questions.

This weekend will be "Genuine Weekend" where we are going to be giving away a bunch of Genuine items all donated by "[TG] SadKedar". So a big thank-you to him for his generous donation and make sure to check back on the weekend for a chance to win one of the Genuine items.