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Friday, June 1, 2012

First key has been won

"Dynamic Tri-Edge" is our first winner and has been given a key.  The correct code was "orange" and was found at the bottom of the page.  For your information, the code was in a picture file with "this is what you are looking for".  I did say it would be obvious.  Next key, tomorrow June 2nd.  When?  Who knows.  Its placement and format will very likely be different than today's.  Good luck.

June daily key giveaway starts today!

Here's a recap on our key giveaway.

  • We will give away one key each day for all 30 days of June.  Each day starts at midnight and ends at 11:59 PM that night.  Days go by US Eastern Standard Time, see clock on right side of page for local time here.  
  • Each day at a random time there will be a code somewhere on the main page (could be on spreadsheet, or even graphics), not on older posts or comments that aren't on the main page.  Blog posts on the main page are fair game.
    • The code will be alphanumeric and of any length.  It can be in a picture, it can be text.  It can be obvious but not labeled "code" so searching for that word will do you no good.
    • There will be indication of something important or it will be the only obvious change on the page so something must be there and you need to look closer.
    • The first person to email us here with the code and their steam id wins.  Winner will be notified via email and can collect the key anytime we are both concurrently on steam.
  • You can win multiple keys (this rule subject to change at any time if we detect cheating).
  • Winners will be published after each key is won in a blog post
update: to assist some of you,

  • the code is not "Nasdaq", the stock ticker #'s on the logo banner or "Vintage Vintage", nor is it "Atom".  Those have all been there for a long time now.   
  • Nor is the code "Numero Uno" or typos or any bad grammar.
  • it will never be placed in the "Followers" section.
  • It will never be an acronym or other alternate names for items (ie. Brainslug, GRU, SMG, KGB)