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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today's key (June 14th) has been won.

TheManipulator has won today's free key.  He was the first to send us the correct code from the Steam Workshop Scavenger Hunt Round 2 (link here).  Several people did not follow the complete instructions and sent in only the first part of the Hunt: "Man Company Crate Fifteen".  TheManipulator and many others followed the complete instructions and found "Dark Salmon Injustice" which was today's code.  Congratulations to TheManipulator and good luck to everyone for tomorrow's free key (details here).

Workshop scavenger hunt round 2 (free key edition)

This one is going to be harder.  Time for another Steam Workshop hunt, so open your Steam client and get moving.

1) First word: find the misc item for the Engineer/Pyro/Medic that looks like a Venus Fly-Trap.  It's title is 3 words, use the second word (3 letters).

2) Second word: find the Sniper misc item that is a little orange bird for his shoulder.  Look at the "description" and use the 7th word in the sentence (7 letters).

3) Third word: find the item with the same name as the online music streaming service who's motto is "listen to free music you love".  It's name is 2 words, use the second word (5 letters).

4) Fourth word: find the Scout weapon that Rafael Nadal would like.  Look at the "description" and use the first word of the phrase (7 letters).

You are not done yet.  Look up what you spelled out with the 4 words above and find the 3rd line from the top.  This is the code - it's name is 3 words (4 letters, 6 letters, 9 letters).  Send this 3 word code here (with your steam id) first and you get today's free key.

* update: winner has been notified.