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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today's key (June 24th) has been won.

Unique Mesprit has won today's free key.  He was the first to send us all the complete and correct answers.  Again, there were several of you who beat him to the punch, but he was the first to have all the complete and correct answers, which are:

Ol Snaggletooth

Dead Ringer
Purity Fist
Sandvich Safe
Made Man
Stainless Pot
Larrikin Robin

Congratulations to  Unique Mesprit on winning today's key.  Good luck to everyone else for tomorrow's (details here if you are late to the game).

Free Key TF2 Word Search Vol. 2 (European-prime-time edition)

There are 15 TF2-related names/words hidden here. No hints today! Words only go from left-right, diagonally left-right, or top-down. First person to email us here with all 15 correct answers & their steam id wins today's free key. Just send the words that you found in the puzzle, don't send us a completed word search. Make sure to send the complete word or words, sometimes a name is shortened, sometimes it is not. Someone who was first lost yesterday because they sent an incomplete word. If a word happens to appear twice, it only counts as 1 out of the 15 words.  Difficulty level: medium-hard.

**updated: winner has been notified. Thanks for all your entries!