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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Free Key TF2 Word Search Vol. 2 (European-prime-time edition)

There are 15 TF2-related names/words hidden here. No hints today! Words only go from left-right, diagonally left-right, or top-down. First person to email us here with all 15 correct answers & their steam id wins today's free key. Just send the words that you found in the puzzle, don't send us a completed word search. Make sure to send the complete word or words, sometimes a name is shortened, sometimes it is not. Someone who was first lost yesterday because they sent an incomplete word. If a word happens to appear twice, it only counts as 1 out of the 15 words.  Difficulty level: medium-hard.

**updated: winner has been notified. Thanks for all your entries!

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