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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26th key has been won

In an epic tale that rivals any of the upcoming Olympic storylines, Eric Magnus has finally won a key, fair and square.  He was the first to send us today's code which was 'hottie'.  It was (not so) hidden in our message text just below the main banner and read "June 26 vital text is 'hottie'".  Congratulations to Eric on winning today's key.  Good luck to everyone on tomorrow's free key (details here if you are new to all this).  It's Pyromania tomorrow!

Meet the pyro: day two

Well Valve is good at getting people excited with new items.  Looks like Pyro will get his (or hers) but also Scout, Sniper and Soldier.  Get your metal and tokens in order!  Details at TF2 blog here and here.