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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New TF2 blog post....more Christmas shenanigans...

Gotta love Valve.  Hell, they make boatloads of cash on TF2 but they deserve it!  They constantly put out content and don't rely on anything in the past to keep the game going.  Engie has some Australian Christmas revelations with pyro.  New pyro flamethrower looks clear.  Link here.

A good site to visit:

There are lots of servers and trade forums.  One we came upon that we found by pure accident was and their trade server.  They have a strong international following so a trader can get a more worldly view of pricing, not just the US where a lot of us reside.   Interestingly their trading server map uses our little spreadsheet (although an older version but we're working on getting them updated!) as its background!  Pretty cool, you should check it out.  In your TF2 server search window look for "skial".

Also, check out their trade forums here.  We like the rule "only complain about an item's price once per thread".  Genius!