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Friday, July 6, 2012

It's a Robot Chicken Hat weekend!

As we talked about earlier, this weekend we will be giving away 5 free Robot Chicken Hat codes.  Don't have a clue what they are?  Adult Swim was doing a promotion where if you signed up for their email list and subscribed to any newsletter before 7/4/11 they would give you a free code for a Robot Chicken Hat (wiki here).

Here's how it works.  We are giving away 5 of these codes this weekend, a completely seperate thing from our free-scorched-key-every-day event.

  • Sometime each day we will be posting a picture of a chicken on the main site page with a number on it.  
  • You are to send us an email here, with that number as the subject of the email along with your steam id in the body.
  • If your email is that # in order in our inbox, you win one Robot Chicken Hat code which we will email you along with instructions on how to claim it.
  • One email per person per round (we will check and violators will be disqualified), you can only win one hat total.
  • No random emails during the day, only send when a chicken picture is on the page.
  • There won't be any indication that a chicken is active other than the picture when it is posted.  There will be a short blog post for each one that is won, however.
  • Weekend is Eastern Standard Time, 12AM Saturday to 11:59PM Sunday evening.

Today's Scorched Key(s) (July 6th) have been won.

We gave out 2 scorched keys tonight.  Someone sent in two emails with the same steam id after we had notified who we thought was #25, actually 24 not counting a certain someone twice.   To his credit, the offender did admit his error, however to be extra fair we gave one to both Vanshiznit and Renegadeanon, the actual 25th email we received correctly.  Not all that bad in the end, no?

Anyways, congratulations to both Vanshiznit and Renegadeanon for winning today's free scorched keys.  Good luck to everyone for tomorrow's one (no, really this time) free scorched key.  Also, good luck to everyone for this weekend's free Robot Chicken codes (5 total, thanks to our contributors - you know who you are).  More details on the Robot Chicken codes coming after this post.  If you are new to the whole "free-scorched-key-every-day" event look here and here.

Your Scorched key mission tonight

Is simply to email us here with the code: "am I #25?" as the subject and your steam id in the body of the email.  The 25th person to do so wins today's free scorched key.

  1. Being first will NOT win you the key, only the 25th email we get correctly put together is the winner.
  2. You may not email us with the same email or steam id more than once for this Scorched key, if you do you are disqualified from this and future contests (we are going to check).
  3. Go!