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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Your favorite Badge/Pin is....

Surprisingly the favorite badge or pin of TF2 traders is: The Genuine Companion Cube Pin.  Possibly the most widely available and signifying that someone bought Portal 2 pre-order for a good amount of cash, the Cube is the clear winner.  The License to Maim from Poker Night comes in second place, and the Soldier Medals and Bombinomicon tie at 3rd place.  Flair with an honorable mention in 4th place (I can see the Office Space rentals on Netflix getting queued up!)

Most unloved?  Dr. Grordbert's Copper Crest at a measly 7 votes.   It cost the same as the Silver Crest and was available for the same amount of time and the only real difference being the name and color.  But as we see so often in the TF2 economy, gamers value things with similar consistency to real life: silver being slightly more popular.  Although let's be honest the crests were a somewhat awkward store item and had seemingly little interest from the community.

That is all.  Carry on.

Companion Cube
  502 (28%)
Resurrection Associate
  33 (1%)
  105 (6%)
Dr. Grordbert's Crest
  14 (0%)
Dr. Grordbert's Copper Crest
  7 (0%)
Dr. Grordbert's Silver Crest
  16 (0%)
Mark of the Saint
  153 (8%)
  181 (10%)
  40 (2%)
Soldier Medal
  193 (11%)
Clan Pride
  93 (5%)
License to Maim
  221 (12%)
  192 (10%)

Votes so far: 1750