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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The last key for July (update: won, no more emails)

Will go to emailer #31.  Send one email only, with your steam name/id, subject #31. If you happen to be #31 in our inbox then you win the last free key for July.

The spy behind you has won the last free key for July.  He was the 31st person to send us an email correctly.  Congratulations to The spy behind you!

With regards to our freebies its been a nice run wouldn't you say?  Well we're not finished yet.  We've got some more to give away but are going to take a couple days to regroup and decide on how best to distribute them to our faithful visitors.  We also have site news as well.  So give us a little bit and we'll have an announcement on both very soon.  In other words, no more free stuff until further notice.