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Sunday, December 11, 2011

We screwed the pooch! (and site update)

To err is human, so they say.  And to put it simply we are embarrassed to not have caught the Spine Chilling Skull 2010 error on price.  While his name will remain nameless, someone (Alex) mistakenly put the 2011's price in for the 2010 hat (which was around a Bills hat or 6-7 keys at the time).  That said, we will remove the price for this hat temporarily until the market decides what the hat is worth again.  These hats trade slowly so it may be a bit until we re-update that price.

Thanks to several people for catching this: "Sterling Peoples" who contacted us directly and a few on the forums, "Traveler74", and "corporate tax" and "KingOfMars27" on SPUF.  Our apologies for the confusion and kudos to the smart traders who caught it.  We changed the label for the older version to include the year 2010 to make sure this doesn't happen again!

That said, we can announce some progress on our site update.  We expect to have work completed by mid-January.  Some long-awaited improvements are on their way, including better searching as well as other improvements.  We'll keep the major details under wraps until then but as we said it will address many of the concerns that we have heard from you.