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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday key hoopla (update: won - no more emails)

Today's key can be yours if you are emailer #29.  Send one email only, with your steam name/id, subject #29.  If you happen to be #29 in our inbox then you win a free key.

=AOG= Bowser was today's winner.  His was the 29th email in our inbox after the code was activated.  Congratulations to =AOG= Bowser and good luck to everyone for tomorrow's free key (details here).

Sheet slowness issues (update: fixed)

As you are probably aware, the spreadsheet is very slow at times or not loading at all.  We are working on this and hope to have a fix done sometime today, Sunday.  Until then it is possible that the sheet will take up to a minute to load when you hit the page.  Let the page load, if you see the refresh button available in your browser then it didn't load and just refresh and repeat until it does.  When it does load up, keep it open in a window and don't refresh the page.  We are aware of the frustration and are getting a resolution in place.

Thanks for your patience.

*update: the sheet should be much faster now.  We set up several mirror images of the data.  While the site itself is on many of Google's servers all over the world, the sheet comes from one location.  That bottleneck looks to be the culprit.  We ran through most everything from removing rows to eliminating unnecessary formulas to getting rid of the Unusuals tab (which should have been done long ago).  But the fact that everyone is hitting the same sheet seems to be the issue.  From now on we'll have to turn off the sheet for a few minutes when we update everything but this approach should be much better on speed.