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Monday, October 31, 2011

Site update.

We want to give you a progress report on a coming site upgrade.  While we will keep most details under wraps we want you to know that we take your suggestions seriously.  We get requests to share the google doc which we edit that fits in the blog.  We know some of you prefer it and want you all to know that we will change things from a UI perspective in our 2.0 version.  There are also iPad/Android and other mobile users who want an easier to manipulate sheet while you are on a beach somewhere or in line at the supermarket (hopefully not driving).  We take those opinions seriously and will address them with our coming revamp.  Stay tuned, TF2 traders.

Manniversary poll results

Well you did it again, TF2 Community.  You chose the sarcastic, snarky answer as your favorite Manniversary Update headwear!  Not really all that unbelievable since the choices are a bit underwhelming even in our opinion.  Birdcage is the clear runner-up.  If miscs had been included would you still love that damn paper hat?  We may never find out because Halloween blindsided us with an impressive update from the good ol' crew at Valve.

One-Man Army
  145 (4%)
Your Worst Nightmare
  221 (6%)
Counterfeit Billycock
  204 (6%)
  40 (1%)
Tavish DeGroot Experience
  97 (2%)
Pencil Pusher
  42 (1%)
Buccaneer's Bicorne
  157 (4%)
Salty Dog
  77 (2%)
Little Buddy
  47 (1%)
Gym Rat
  38 (1%)
Hot Dogger
  67 (1%)
  391 (11%)
Surgeon's Stahlhelm
  248 (7%)
Backwards Ballcap
  99 (2%)
  64 (1%)
Swagman's Swatter
  38 (1%)
Flamboyant Flamenco
  128 (3%)
Virtual Reality Headset
  246 (7%)
Hat With No Name
  137 (4%)
  163 (4%)
None, I prefer the free paper hat
  709 (21%)

Votes so far: 3358
Poll closed