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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday night items

Team Fortress 2

  • Added the Texas Half-Pants and the Bolt Action Blitzer
  • Updated the Teufort Tooth Kicker so it can also be equipped by the Engineer
  • Updated the Scrap Pack so it can now be crafted, gift-wrapped, and traded
  • Updated the Short Circuit
    • Fixed projectiles not being cleared if they were blocked by buildings or other projectiles
    • Fixed not incrementing the "How the Pests Was Gunned" achievement for destroyed stickies
  • Fixed being able to place buildings in nobuild zones
  • Fixed Red team Pyros being able to grief teammates by attacking them with the flamethrower and then switching to team Spectator during the attack
  • Added the ability to remove Strange parts via the Restore button in the backpack
  • Added the ability to reset scores on Strange items via the Restore button in the backpack
  • Crates now display their series number in the backpack view
  • Added new "tf_hud_no_crosshair_on_scope_zoom" to the Advanced Options menu
  • Fixed using the "inspect" command to Spy-check teammates
  • Fixed the Bazaar Bargain increasing its head count while shooting at ÜberCharged enemies
  • Fixed defense buffs reducing crush and telefrag damage
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Medics to reduce the health of heal targets if the target had earned more health than their normally allowed max overheal [1]
  • The Cozy Camper’s description now correctly reflects the actual speed reduction while scoped and is now applied correctly when using the Huntsman (speed for the other rifles remains unchanged)
  • Add the object entindex to the object_deflected game event
  • 本地化檔案已更新[2]

Undocumented changes


  1.  This also applies to dispensers and payload carts (
  2.  Traditional Chinese for "Updated localization files"


  1. Nice! These updates are really cool. The half-pants and the Blitzer are lookin' good.

  2. This update is really nice, but it appears the Solemn Vow isn't on the sheet for some reason, or at least, doesn't show up on searches.

  3. Eligitine: Solemn Vow and other weapons with no variations worth more than a scrap are left off the sheet until that changes.

  4. Just to tell you admin that Decal Tools got REALLY devaluated... now are worth like 0.33-0.66, don't know why.

  5. Gu1ru: we don't see this at all. ref about is still the average price.

  6. Someone told me that this site was controlled by one guy, the "admin" so that he could set whatever price he wanted for stuff

  7. Why is the fast learner still 8 keys? hasn't it been out for long enough?

  8. Amberjack: read our "key" for how we work. While I do most of the posts for the blog, the prices are gathered by a core group of "pricers".

    Fast Learner is maintaining its value well, which shows a desirability of the item and at supply/demand in balance at the moment.