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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today's key (June 19th) has been won.

Someonetookthenameiwanted was today's winner of the free key. He was the first to send us the code which was "gibus". It was hidden in the page footer and read "The word which will enrich a backpack this day is [gibus]". Congratulations to Someonetookthenameiwanted and good luck to everyone on tomorrow's free key (details here if you're new to all this).


  1. I looked all over the place for it today, well done to whoever won it!

  2. I think I have too slow connection for this contest... I kept refreshing the site, and scanning it with my eyes, and I found this code. I quickly sent it and returned, and then this post appeared with "updating.." I just can't be faster :( I won't win any key, I tried my best.

  3. Bah I'll never win with your timezones.

  4. Congratulations to the winner!

    Also, I'm hearing rumors about weird items appearing in the backpacks of players. Items like goldfish, cheese, books and etc. MtP update? Mann vs Machine maybe? Wondering what's all this about because not even Steam has posted news about these weird things...

  5. going to do anything about the new hidden items?