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Friday, August 17, 2012

Ticket giveaway for Mann vs. Machine (was key-giveaway)

So we know you are probably buying and/or trading for tickets in order to play the new cooperative game-mode called Mann vs. Machine.  We know you are doing it solely for the glory of your team and not for personal enrichment (ie. new items).  For that reason we are replacing our key-giveaway (details here) to be ticket-giveaways instead.  Until further notice, all giveaways will be ticket-giveaways where we donate tickets to you, the TF2 gaming community.  Same rules apply from the key-giveaway (again, details here).   Don't send us an email until the MOTD reads "ticket giveaway active".  We're going to give away 10 of them from today until Sunday night!

Thanks to ArgonBorn for the suggestion.