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Saturday, August 18, 2012

2 more Tour of Duty Tickets right now go to (tickets won, no more emails)

Emailers #12 and #32. Email us only once, include a link to your steam profile (many names have duplicates). Contest details are here, just substitute "ticket" for "key".

Tickets have been won.  No more emails.

Zanshin and Timoteo2000 were this morning's Tour of Duty Ticket winners. They were emailers #12 and #32, sent a link to their steam profile and emailed only once. Congratulations to them and good luck to everyone for the remaining 6 tickets to be given away this weekend! Details are here, just substitute "ticket" for "key".


  1. I FINALLY won! Thanks so much!

    I just got back to my computer, and saw that the game was active, but had no idea how long it was had being going on for, so I didn't know if I was early or late, so I couldn't judge if I should wait to send in my entry.

    I don't quite get what Mann Up mode is, but I was planning on giving it a try and now I can do so. I really happy to be able to give this new mode a try.

    Anyhow, thanks again for the give away and all your hard work on this invaluable resource, the spread sheet.

  2. I put the message "(Who's gonna beat me this time?)" under the link to my profile.
    I guess no one did...

  3. I'm always not here when the contest goes on :/