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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today's key can be yours if (update: won)

You are emailer #51, you send your steam name, and you only email once (we check).  If you are #51 in our inbox and you don't include a steam name, or email us more than once, you will not win.

Matthewhiu was today's winner of a free key. He was the 51st person to email us with his steam name. Congratulations to Matthewhiu and good luck to everyone for tomorrow's free key (details here).


  1. While I really appreciate this key contest, it is kinda frustrating, getting an e-mail that says I have the wrong number, and then being able to do nothing else but sit back and wait for some one else to win...

    1. Not sure what to tell you. Keep trying there's still more to win.

    2. should be glad, people like me from different time zone never caught a glimpse of any code for the pass month. when ever I have time to go on tf2spreadsheet, its either 3am or 6am according to the clock/ And is it just me or "" AU??!?!

    3. Patrick most of our contributors are based here in the US, however there is a specific country address for every blogger site. We gave away a key today at 9pm Sydney time today, fyi.

  2. how do i participate in these give aways? how do i send you an email, as in do i send it to the admin or some one else?

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