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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Today's free scorched key

The free scorched key goes to the 1st person to email us here with the correct answers to the 10 scrambled words from the Doomsday map as well as the final pyro-inspired scrambled code phrase.  These 10 words all come from the following phrases which are found on the new Doomsday map on the bulletin boards in the spawn rooms of both the red and blue team.  You'll need to go there to find out the missing words to unscramble them and then to unscramble the final pyro-inspired code phrase.  Hints follow.  Difficulty level: hard.

Hints to all 10 words (not in order) found on the bulletin boards in the Doomsday map are:
  • __________  A Bust.
  • TF Industries Lands  __________    ___________.
  • __________  Bankrupt?
  • __________  Wrestling  __________   Sign-up!
  • Do Not Feed the  __________   __________ -  ___________ Man Living In Our __________.


  1. i have all the words but not final answer. :( a hint maybe?

  2. When were these hints added? I complete missed them until after it was announced that the contest had been won.