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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scorched key scavenger hunt

Are you familiar with the new Doomsday map?  If you want to win today's free scorched key you should either recall from your photographic memory OR get there fast.

To win the free scorched key you will need to go to the Doomsday map and look around.  Just outside one of the two bases spawn exit door there are signs (or just written on objects) with 10 words that are scrambled below.  It is one of the two bases, not both - you need to figure out which one.  The only words that count are the ones easily read (tiny words don't matter).

Unscramble those 10 words to get the final, scrambled name.  This name is a pyro-only item from the Steam Workshop.  There is a word in the second sentence of this post (from the top, not counting the title) that is a hint.

Send all 10 individual words from the Doomsday map and the final Steam Workshop item name unscrambled to us here first (along with your steam name/id) and you win today's free scorched key.


  1. I have all words but not final. >:(

  2. The Momento

  3. Just a suggestion. On the last day before the crates disappear, can we have a marathon? a key every hour of the day. Sound good?