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Monday, July 2, 2012

Naming game

So this is a naming game, to win today's scorched key you must send us the exact names of the items asked for and be the first to do it correctly!  Also send your steam id.

1) Name of the Steam Store game by Black Pants Game Studio.
2) Name of the Steam Store game whose demo when played starts with the voiceover saying "Our land was dying, we had little defense against their might."
3) Name of the Valve Store physical toy that when purchased gives a coupon code that unlocks an item of Genuine quality in TF2.
4) Name of the Valve Store shirt that has the word "Provisions" on it.

(note: we get no cut for any items bought at either Steam or Valve stores.  Just a different idea for a scavenger hunt.)

*update: scorched key has been won

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