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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free-key-every-day contest revisited

Free-key-every-day contest rules and how it works:

  1. Do not email us at random times during the day when there is no code, you will be blocked and disqualified.  Only email us when the MOTD says "code active".
  2. When a code is active, do not send more than one email.  We check and anyone sending multiple emails is disqualified.
  3. When a code is active, do not send an email without your steam name/id.  No steam name/id = you will not win.
  4. We will give away one key each day until July 31. Each day starts at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM that night. Days go by US Eastern Standard Time, see clock on right side of page for local time here. 
  5. Each day at a random time there will be a code somewhere on the main page but not on older posts or comments that aren't on the main page. Blog posts on the main page are fair game. 
  6. When the code is active each day it will be announced "code active" in the site message text below the main banner (the same line that currently reads "The Original TF2...").
  7. There are 2 types of codes: 
    • Blog posts: the code can be as simple as emailing us the "# email" in a blog post, or it might be a puzzle or scavenger hunt off-site. If it is a "# email" that means to email us and that whatever that # email in our inbox in order wins. Puzzles and scavenger hunts: follow the directions. 
    • Hidden: If there is no blog post then it can be in a picture, it can be text. It will be obvious but not labeled "code" so searching for that word will do you no good. There will be indication of something important or it will be the only obvious change on the page so something is there and you need to look closer. It can be alphanumeric and of any length. 
  8. When the code is posted, the person who emails us here with the code and their steam id wins. If it is a "# email", then if you are the correct # in our inbox you win. Anything else not specifically stated it will be the first person to respond. 
  9. Winner will be notified via email and can collect the key anytime we are both on Steam. Your steam name will be published after each key is won in a blog post 
  10. You can win multiple keys (this rule subject to change at any time if we detect cheating). 
Codes are not:
  • "Nasdaq", the stock ticker #'s on the logo banner or "Vintage Vintage", nor is it "Atom", anything written in the message-of-the-day, or typos or any bad grammar. 
  • It will never be placed in the "Followers" section. 
  • It will never be an acronym or other alternate names for items (ie. Brainslug, GRU, SMG, KGB).


  1. is it just me or is everything single piece of text whited out?

  2. Haha, thanks for keeping puzzles and scavenger hunts in play, my friends and I love them!

  3. You guys are so generous... giving away over 40 keys and then extending it to over 60! I like it!

  4. Wow, this I did NOT expect. Hehe, I might as well try to get a second key XD

    The best part is, I'm in vacations right now, so no school until the 6th/13th of next month for me! :D

    Good luck to everybody who wants their key! Hope you get your recognition and join the SS key winner club!

  5. I do not have Microsoft Office, is there any other way to email you the code(s)?

  6. Im Sorry i too dont have microsoft office could you possibly just type in the email address please :3

  7. I never see the "code active" notification...

  8. right click the HERE link and select copy email adress then paste it into whatever you use for sendig emails

  9. umm help please the tf2 spreadsheet does not load up for me... O.o is it just me? sorry for writing here but could not find another place to write this. please help :)