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Monday, June 25, 2012

Meet the pyro: day one

Wednesday is supposed to be the release date for Meet The Pyro, the last in the Meet The series.  The official TF2 blog has the info here.


  1. I can't find a code in this post :c

    1. there's no code here, just the announcement for Meet The Pyro coming up.

  2. This is not the code :o It's info about MEET THE PYRO...

  3. Laddies and Gentlespies, I present to you... PYROMANIA: DAY ONE!

    Valve has confirmed that the new Team Fortress 2 Update will be split into three days, similar to the past Sniper and Spy Update. Meet the Pyro WILL be posted on the third day of the event, on Wednesday. In the meantime, LET'S GET ON WITH THE UPDATE!

    Day 1: A New Game Mode! This game mode is called, "Doomsday", or not... because that's the NEW MAP'S NAME! Or not, I really don't know. Anyways, the game mode is centered on a deceased American space monkey named Poopy Joe that was sent into space to kill Russian enemy Vladamir Bananas. However, the rocket he was on malfunctioned and exploded (we won't blame the demoman guys).

    The mode plays sort of like many modes crossed together in my guesses. Capture the Flag/Payload mixed. So basically, one team, most likely BLU, will deliver a suitcase full of Mann Co. Australium (that's where the CtF part comes in) to a rocket for Poopy Joe to be sent into space, recreating the events of his death. The other team, most likely RED, get's the honor to stop BLU's objective from becoming reality (that's where the Payload part comes in).

    Anyways, maybe not all that's right, because there are images of the map sporting a control point. But we still have 11 new Monkeynautics-related achievement!

    And so concludes Day 1 of Pyromania, but I'll post again tomorrow! Enjoy being a crazy flamer psychopath!

    Day 1 - New Mode, New Map, 11 Achievements
    Day 2 - ???
    Day 3 - Meet the Pyro, ???

  4. About time our masked hero/heroine gets his/her time in the spotlight.

  5. Click the banana at the bottom

  6. Bah, I'm more interested in what weapons they will release in this update (yeah, I'm one of those people who want new weapons hehehe). I'm guessing the Flare Gun shown in the TF2 blog post made the cut and will appear. But honestly, seeing one of the flamethowers from the TF2 Advanced Weaponizer mod make the cut would make my day. Phlog is horrible in my opinion (because I am used to airblasting flames off my burning teammates when I play that class more than reflecting. Pybros for the win!).

    That said, I enjoyed reading the documents shown when you click on the banana at the bottom of the page. Here's hoping they are the prologue for one those awesome TF2 comics Valve makes!