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Friday, May 11, 2012

Non-TF2 related: Path of Exile & Midnight Club 2 freebies

Two PC gaming freebies to share with you all.  First is a free weekend, today until Monday for Path of Exile which is a game under development.  It's PC only and this is a chance to basically beta-test the game for the weekend.  Link here.

The second freebie is from Steam and is Midnight Club 2, to anyone who has purchased a game via Steam previously.  You will need to join Rockstar's group.  Looks like an older game, since it is not supported on Vista/Windows 7.  Link here.


  1. They fixed the "not supported on 7/Vista thing.

  2. It clearly says "Of note, the game isn't supported under Windows Vista or Windows 7." UNDER Vista or Windows 7.

  3. are you guys waiting for the triclops and flamingo kid to be tradeable :/ ?