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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New patch, new rewards

Team Fortress 2

  • Added daily periodic reward hats for duel wins, map stamp purchases, and gifts given[1]
  • Updated YouTube replay publishing functionality to automatically include a link to the uploader's Steam Community profile
  • Did not update the localization files that did not need updating
  • Updated cp_gullywash_final1
    • Removed ladders that looked like they could be climbed
  • Note missed from last week's update:
    • Updated the in-game tips with community submitted versions

Undocumented changes

  • Removed series #30 Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate from the drop list
  • Added series #40 Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate to the drop list
  • Fixed several tips clipping outside the text box during the respawn sequence.


  1. Dueler, Gifting Man From Gifting Land and Philateler


  1. A hat you can keep only a day, who the hell has this stupid idea?

  2. Typo:

    "Glenglarry Bonnet"

    Sincerely, Grinddestroyer

  3. Is there going to be a weekly patch this thursday/friday or is this it?

  4. Grind: thanks!

    Blauw: no idea but they've released crate 40 for this week so I wouldn't be surprised if that was it.

  5. wtf will now remove the crate 30 I never had, on the other hand I have a doubt that the voodoo juju still worth a clean bill when it should cost more and be better and more clear now that not even can be made as a result

  6. Well, now that crate 30 is gone, I would assume prices of its contents will increase; possibly exponentially.

  7. "admin": juju clean is still about a bills, however the dirty version has risen now that it is no longer craftable. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Nicolas: yes, crate 30 is increasing in value although nothing is set yet. We see the range as 10-15 keys as of today. We'll watch this one.

  8. 2.5k each of ebenezer and bmoc. Soon they'll be the new bills, buds and maxs

  9. I feel that the spreadsheet's prices on 19s and 20s is off a bit. 20s go for 1-1.33, and 19s go for 1-1.55. While it is fairly accurate at the 19s, many people call me a highballer and even a "scammer" for asking 1.33 for my 19s and 20s because few people seem to know that 1 +- can mean 2 rec or 1.33.
    I'm pretty sick of people saying I'm charging too much for my 19s and 20s when I base my prices off of other trades I've seen. I ask therefore that this be made a bit clearer for those who don't use the spreadsheet right.

  10. Cactus: We will look at the series #20 crates again, thanks for bringing it to our attention. We see fewer and fewer of these trades made so perhaps that is part of it, the crates are just disappearing.

    As far as misinterpretation, we've addressed this before and unfortunately no matter how explicit we are some people will be confused. Another example is that even though value is clearly labeled refined some people still think everything is in keys.

    When you run into a stubborn trader, point them to our "key" which clearly states prices are approximate and a range around the values should always be considered reasonable.

  11. its hard as hell to find someone selling his ebenezer for less tnan 2keys and 1.33 ref.

  12. Ploba: you are correct. A low end is 2.5 keys as of today. We saw them change hands for the 2 key area recently but not today.

  13. Admin, had to go through the trouble of trying to acquire a strange ambassador, which took me nearly 5 hours to find. I gladly payed 2 ref for it, and I usually follow the spreadsheet prices pretty closely. Just think you might wanna do a little research to see what people are willingly purchasing it for (I saw 1 guy pay a key!) and possibly update it's value on here. Thank you for your time.

  14. Kwpullin: we looked into the S. Ambassador and while the range may be slightly higher than our last price (we bumped it to 0.66 - 1), this item is not suddenly rarer and we were able to find several easily in that range.

    Your hours waiting for one just happened to be a coincidence in our opinion.

  15. Why are S. Crate #30 and its content's prices dropping so rapidly?

  16. Also why did you set the price for the Waxy Wayfinder at 5 keys when clean ones (no-craft #) sold for 11 keys?

  17. Salam: as for crate #30, there is no clear reason for its drop in price (after the bump when it was discontinued). Its drop rate was greatly increased before it was replaced, so maybe when the price bumped everyone who had one wanted to cash out immediately on the higher price thus sending it down. Just a guess.

    Waxy is a solid 2-3 keys for a clean version. Not sure what you're saying. We've never witnessed one being sold for 11 keys, perhaps on the first day it was released but it doesn't appear to be a "wanted" item.

  18. Admin, will crate 30 go up in price eventually? I'm not sure whether to cut my losses or wait it out.

  19. Crates #30 stopped dropping last week. The price bossted up almost by 150%. Now it drops in price. Less than 0.2% of the tf2 population owns #30s or the Items within the crate. I dont see why this crate or the strange weapons are slowing dropping again after it stopped dropping and rised last week.

    THere are less and less people selling the kritz at the sheet's prcie (18 keys~).. and more and more people selling them at 1bud - 2 buds already (tf2OP & Tf2TP).

    Thanks for reading.

  20. AlecTR: the price for #30 is right where it should be we think. There are enough trading hands right now to have a tight range in price.

    People can ask whatever they want for items but that doesn't make them worth that amount. The price for S. Kritz is in-line with trades we have seen lately. We watch #30 and its items closely and will continue to.

  21. ExchangePls: The price of BMOC as we mentioned elsewhere, has seen a steep rise in price, similar to the strange festive items. There is no clear reason for it other than limited supply, a "low" previous price and speculation. They are worth whatever people pay.

  22. S. Huntsman and S. Sapper are SOOOO high priced! I know it comes from a high price salvaged crate, but they might be hard to sell due to such a high price. (Unless you sell them for less) BUT I WANTS THEM!!!!!