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Thursday, February 16, 2012

New update...

Team Fortress 2

  • Fixed playing incorrect sounds for The Overdose
  • Fixed a broken Engineer animation for The Pomson 6000
  • Fixed Steam inventory/trading not showing the correct item level for some items
  • Fixed Steam inventory/trading sort order not matching the in-game backpack
  • Fixed the new styles for The Brown Bomber not using team colors
  • Fixed some clipping issues with the Warrior's Spirit[1]
  • Updated pl_hoodoo_final
    • Removed door frame collision to resolve bots getting stuck in the cave during stage 2


  1. This change was added from a Steam Workshop submission [1]


  1. wait, wat!?

    clean grordbort crest

    watchoo talkn' bout admin

  2. @Dr. DaMan There was a glitch in Steam Trade that caused Items that were uncraftable to become craftable when they were traded. The glitch was fixed promptly so there aren't very many of them.

  3. :O
    was this durn the integration towards steam trade from tf trade?

  4. @Dr. DaMan: It happened about the time that steam trade left beta.

  5. My comment has nothign to do with this update, but i just found a "Decal Tool" in the game, it is drops. However the spreadsheet says, Store Perchase only. Just wanted to let you guys know !

  6. i got a key drop once

    i was all lyk ($_$)

    almost better than the time i traded my balaclavas are forever painted cow mangler 5000 for 3 buds

    sorry bout the off topic comments(ΘεΘ;)

  7. Dr.DaMan: the only keys that ever dropped were the 2010 winter keys...every account got one.

  8. no, as in a true genuine key drop
    not the winter key