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Friday, February 10, 2012

Dr. Grordbert wants your vote

The Dr. Grordbert items have been popular with TF2 gamers.  So popular that they are asking for you to vote on your next favorite one.  They have two new sets, one for the scout and the other for the medic.  Details are here.  You can then go over to your Steam client and look for the Steam Workshop and click on the "Browse the Workshop" button.

Speaking of the workshop, there are some really great community-created items there.  We especially like "The Problem Solver", "A Color to Dye For", the "Raven", "Jaws of Steel" and the "Persistent Patriot".  All great items submitted by you!  Keep up the great work and TF2 will be fun to play for a long time.  You don't have to go to a gaming college or be a programmer to submit them either.  Valve will even give you a split of the Store's sales of your item if it makes the cut!


  1. The Medic's Pistol thing is a Pearce 75 :

  2. Hey, I have a question. Could you guys release more information on noncraftable stuff. I am really lost without you guy's prices, so not having noncrafts there makes me a bit lost sometimes. Also, having a guide that explains how paints effect the prices. I know how paints work on Bill's, but that's about it. Cause I have a noncraft mutton chops and a noncraft stereoscopic shades, and I have no idea what to sell them for

  3. MrDr: absolutely, we'll put up a post to address your concerns.

  4. Oh please no more Dr. Grodbort's BS...stupid OPed, unrealistic Ray Guns...where's a god old STG-44. (Given TF2's Era XD)

    How about some ol TFC Goodies!?!

  5. Oh man, I would absolutely love the TFC railgun pistol thing on the Engineer like you wouldn't believe.

    That said, Grordbort is here to stay and if they're willing to do more, there's going to be more. They do come with new stats and interesting ideas, even if they aren't always well executed on Valve's part.

    Going back to the earlier topic about uncraftable prices, I can give my own experience - a lot of noncraftable cosmetic items tend to be around the 1 rec to 1 ref range, but more recent stuff seems to generally go for about half of the listed value on the sheet.

    I'm not sure why the ability to turn a cosmetic item into another cosmetic item would make said item more expensive if you never actually intend to do such a thing, but, perception by the population, however flawed, does end up setting the standards.

  6. @SPD12

    For weapons, noncraftibility makes it useless for scrap making, so those are generally deleted and unwanted.

    For hats, the community loves to recraft craft hats in order to get something awesome. With a noncraft hat, you can't do anything and you must want that hat.

    For other things, like for example the high five taunt, seem to be a status symbol. Someone that has a Craft High 5 Taunt will be looked as someone who could afford that 6-7 ref while someone with a noncraft would look like a poorer player.

    I know. It's all really strange.

  7. Well, I was aware that the Not Useable in Crafting, would go down by 1 Refined off the current Average Price. Its stated on TF2 Outpost, but I see that this variable doesn't apply to all items, there are some listed that are 'Dirty', that don't lose 1 Ref, going as far as losing several, or lower.

    As for the Cosmetic Items, I'm in disagreement with the Craft Hat business, why buy all these variants of hat at such a cheap-ass price if you're just going to craft it into something that's 'hot' and try to sell it for higher? I'd prefer that hats go for what they are coveted...but I guess the entire community would disagree.

    Horribly flawed is the standard, even more when people bash spreadsheets and guides for it. (That goes for all TF2 Sites holding these things)