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Thursday, January 26, 2012

TF2 on a laptop

It probably is a pipe-dream to get Team Fortress 2 on a smartphone (and a pain to play so its better left that way) but TF2 on a laptop is an everyday occurrence now.  The specs that came out for the Half-Life 2 engine are easy to beat with almost all current notebooks and laptops.  After all, the HL2 specs were written when the resource-hog Windows Vista was still Microsoft's pinnacle OS.  But now there's a mature Windows 7 and Direct X far beyond the version 9 that TF2 makes use of.  Hardware-wise any Intel i3-i7 processors have more than enough horsepower.  AMD processors we haven't tested but anything made within the last year or two is probably more than adequate.  Touchpads are unusable in our experience, as our Dell test laptop couldn't even take commands simultaneously from the keyboard and pad.  We recommend a mini wireless laptop mouse (Logitech and Microsoft make adequate ones).  Standard graphics on our Latitude were more than adequate as well, same with HP middle-of-the-road laptops.

PC World has a new article on desktop replacement laptops here.  Good read and recommendations.   Cnet is another favorite of ours, and they have their own guide here.


  1. I use an Asus G73 laptop with a Core i7 and a mobility Radeon HD 5870 - runs TF2 like a dream. It also runs Metro 2033 on high liquid smooth as well as every other game I can throw at it. I'd highly recommend the Asus gaming series of laptops - mine is very quiet, doesn't get hot and battery lasts about 2 hours which is great for a laptop with this kind of power if anyone has tried using a gaming laptop for notes and web browsing.

  2. I run tf2 on a cyberpower laptop with a core i7 2.0ghz, and nvidia 540m. It runs around 60 fps on chris's max dx 9 fps config at 1080p.

  3. Toshiba Tecra here, i5 at 2.40 gHz with an nVidia NVS 2100M with 512 Mb of vRAM runs it just fine at all settings (just a little bog down on bigger servers). I've been going strong for well over a year, love it so much!

    On the mouse thing, I had been using a Dell bluetooth travel mouse up until this past month, but I treated myself to a Razer DeathAdder, one of the best computer-related purchases I've ever made!! Such a huge improvement!

  4. I have been playing TF2 with a touchpad for a while on my Toshiba Satellite, and I'm actually better that way than with a mouse o3o

    The game runs good on my Toshiba, but my internet sucks (changing it soon, I hope >_>) so the game regularly lags if I don't have it in the right spot