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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trader's update

Ok, so a big update always brings a lot of excitement as well as confusion.

  1. As always, we will refrain from posting any prices until there is a "consensus" we see in the market.  What does that mean?  Usually within a few days to a week there is a range that buyers and sellers come up with for each new item.  Some items clearly being more popular often have a wider range in value, as desperate buyers will overpay just to get their hands on one.  Other items that are not as hot will have a smaller range in values, as well as a lower value overall.  Don't you wish you had a backpack full of stethoscopes instead of crates?
  2. With these updates there is always a mass crafting bonanza to get low craft #'s.  Note that this spreadsheet is designed for pricing on "generic" versions of items and with the craft #'s that means anything over #100.  There is no set price for crafted items under #100.  Anything in the single digits will command a high price, sometimes buds or higher depending on the item.  If it is a less-desirable item a craft # under 100 may get a refined or less premium on the listed price.
  3. As many of you are aware, there is also a premium paid by some buyers for "clean" items that are dropped and not crafted.   This is a limited market, and is more prevalent for the premium items such as Team Captain (and Teddy/Pocket Medic when they were more popular).  You can always tell whether an item has a craft # by using a backpack viewer.  Don't take someone's word for it.
  4. There is a glitch with in-game trading where hats that are not usable in crafting are not displaying that fact to the recipient.  This is a glitch with the recent update.  If you are buying "craft hats" then use Steam trading instead, where apparently an items usability in crafting is still detectable.  Don't do the "same hat for the same hat" trades, it could be a scam.
  5. Crate #30 the "Salvaged" items crate appears to be rare as of now and is commanding a high price from anxious buyers.  This will likely change so if you are lucky enough to get one of these we suggest you sell it or unbox it now.
  6. Halloween is fast approaching.  Don't forget Valve loves this holiday and will undoubtedly have something cool planned.


  1. I just put up a crate #30 in tf2tp for 2 ref + 1 rec and got added by 10 people in 30 seconds! I traded it to the one who added me first. Others said it was worth up to a Bills!

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  3. We've seen the s30 crate trade for 3 refined the first few days. Now it looks like in the 3-4 keys range. We'll take the value down until things settle.