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Monday, September 26, 2011

New way to win the half-millionth hit prize!

As a good samaritan wrote to inform us, that an unscrupulous person may (although we don't want to believe it) use a program like FireBug to live edit the site code and thus win the prize through cheating.  Our editors are shocked and horrified at the accusation.  Nonetheless, we defer to people who actually know how to cheat to tell us how its done.

So, a change of plans.  We will do choose a winner for the prize the old-fashioned way: an online random number generator (such as this one).  Once the hit # 500,000 is registered, we will have a new post.  You will follow the instructions there and we will choose the closest one to our random number.  Then we will "crown" the winner.

Sorry for the about-face but we want someone to win the prize fairly!


  1. You can also edit the numbers from the new page view counter with firebug, or even Google Chrome with no extra plugins.

    But nice idea for the giveaway with the random number

  2. i spent 3 hours waiting for this 500000 number(

  3. Sorry! We'll have more of these give-aways to make up for it - and they'll be done the right way!

  4. Can we at least know what the numbers will range from? I've been waiting all day for this and now I'm kinda let down...

  5. No, but to reward the people who have been waiting the window to pick a # will be short.