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Saturday, September 17, 2011

New item percentages

In updating the TF2items hat and item percentages, you may notice that most of the items percentages have dropped by approximately half.  For example, Bills hat which was in around 20% of the backpacks is now at around 11%.  What gives, you say?  Well, as we've said before TF2items (and thus, we all are) is dependent on Valve for whatever data they give out.  The percentage drop is likely due to the influx of new players, and it would seem that the number of current players has nearly doubled since all percentages of items has been effectively cut in half.  This is reinforced by the Ghastlier Gibus percentages - cut in half also signifying that more than half of the active player base was not playing Halloween of 2010.

Of note, you will recall we ran a poll asking which stats you would prefer: percentage of items or estimated # of items.  We have gone through our channels and Valve will not give us the actual # of active TF2 players.  Sooooo...we are "stuck" with the better statistic which is percentage of items.  I know many of you really liked estimated #, however it is a severely flawed number and even moreso now that TF2items data from Valve keeps getting more limited.  If the number of players is ever released we will re-calculate an estimated # of items.

That said, if you think there are any other metrics that effect value and price that we should show in our little spreadsheet: let us know.  That is all.  Be well.

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