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Friday, July 6, 2012

Your Scorched key mission tonight

Is simply to email us here with the code: "am I #25?" as the subject and your steam id in the body of the email.  The 25th person to do so wins today's free scorched key.

  1. Being first will NOT win you the key, only the 25th email we get correctly put together is the winner.
  2. You may not email us with the same email or steam id more than once for this Scorched key, if you do you are disqualified from this and future contests (we are going to check).
  3. Go!


  1. I have to say that I feel a bit put off by this format. I loved the puzzles of the previous format especially, where it was really a race to see who could get the answer first. this seems like a bit of a luck of the draw thing now.
    I suppose I can't complain, though. After all, you are giving out free stuff.

    1. We'll have more puzzles. I think your last sentence says it all. ;-)