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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Today's key (June 5th) has been won.

JCDenton was today's winner.  He was the first to email us the code for today, June 5th.  It was in the spreadsheet under the notes section for the Vintage Procedure Mask.  It read "This is the c0de for today: 'polar bear.'"  Congratulations to JCDenton!  Good luck to everyone for tomorrow's free key.


  1. Darn, thought I won :P

    Anyway admin sorry about sending the email twice

    Draft creation fail lol

    this is rexsto :P

  2. It was 8AM in the morning when this happened and I was fast sleeep at that time. Bah. Why did this have to happen at a time I couldn't search for it? ¬¬

    *Sigh* Congratulations to JCDenton, I guess. Tomorrow's my birthday though. I better get it this time... assuming it's posted at a time I'm off the bed haha!

  3. Today's key can be obtained by sending this special phrase chock full of text - 'Finkle is Einhorn'

  4. Why is it getting later and later when u post these?

    1. I've split these up at most times of the day.

  5. ...checked outpost website basically every time except for around 6 o'clock... :(