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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6th key has been won

Simchollo has won the free key for today, June 6th.  They were the first one to email us with the correct code which was in the last blog post's comments section.  It reads: Today's key can be obtained by sending this special phrase chock full of text - 'Finkle is Einhorn'.  Congratulations to Simchollo.  Good luck to everyone for tomorrow's free key (how it works is here).


  1. Hey! That's not fair! You said it was going to be somewhere in the main page, not on older blog posts!

    Dammit, I've been looking since the morning hours and I failed in the day of my birthday...

  2. Older blog posts that are not on the main page. In other words, any previous pages you need to navigate to through the "Older Posts" button are off limits.

  3. Admin is better than any 1337 spy at causing rage.

    1. I'm giving away stuff for free and keeping it interesting. Its better to keep a good attitude about it rather than raging.

    2. ^ Totally agree, its not like he is saying everyone is going to get it, only a few quick, sharp people will

  4. The code!Is it done for today??!?!?!? June 7th.