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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today's key (June 23rd) has been won.

Toxinreign has won today's free key.  He was the first to send us all the correct answers.  There were several of you who beat him to the punch, but he was the first to have the correct answers, which are:

Fruit Shoot
Salty Dog
Can Opener

Congratulations to toxinreign on winning today's key.  Good luck to everyone else for tomorrow's (details here if you are late to the game).


  1. man i had everything the first 5 minutes of doing this but the only thing i couldnt find was MAN OR _ and its the attendant D: how though im still confused can someone explain?

  2. "Man or machine" is a phrase that is used every so often. the play on this is "machina" because that's an actual TF2 item.

    "Fill 'er up" is a common expression and refers to the attendant as the hat is a filling station cap worn by guys who pump gas.

  3. oh thats awkward i thought machina was crate 30, kritzkrieg was fill 'em up. lol i failed :D

  4. This was a fun word search. It was pretty hard to spot the diagonal words. For some reason, when I saw AXT somehow i just assumed one of the words was axtinguisher lol.

  5. I thought I had a shot that time.... I too was confused with the MAN OR ____ clue. I thought it was bear (I was desperate).

    If man of machine was for machina, what was for crate 30?

    In any case, can you list the clues next to the answers?

    Thanks again.

  6. Dammit dammit dammit! I saw this as soon as it was posted, and found 13 words, but two were wrong because I looked L-R upwards. Then I forgot to look like that, but downwards, and found Kunai and Lugermorph, the words I needed to win this. Even then, if I sent the right answers, I would've still lost because someone else beat me to the punch...

    I'm so frustrated right now. I've been trying to get one key and a little recognition, and I always fall short. Why... why can't I win?! Ugh...

    *Sigh* Congratulations to the winner and yadayada...

  7. I found 15 words, but Kunai wasn't one of those and I didn't see the hints (Lol), so I got two words, "Bear" and "Buds", instead of just "Earbuds", "Bear" could've been refering to the Heavy. I also sent "Wrangler" instead of "Quadwrangler". That's about it.

    I know how you feel, Eric Xd