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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Free Key TF2 Word Search

There are 15 TF2-related words hidden here.  Hints are at the bottom.  Words only go from left-right, diagonally left-right, or top-down.  First person to email us here with all 15 correct answers & their steam id wins today's free key.  Just send the words that you found in the puzzle, don't send us a completed word search.  Difficulty level: medium-easy


a war helmet
fill 'er up!
ugly hat
shogun 2 item
everybody wants these
crate 30 item minus "strange"
Jamaica mon
man or _____
hunger games major role
newton's legend made part of this famous
not tradeable, yet
sam and max
useful in the kitchen

*update: key has been won


  1. Damnit, I found all the words but my email didn't want me to send the message so I had to use my other email to send it >.<